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Retromy: Why we believe everything was better in the old days

Everything was better before. The childhood carefree, the holiday sunnier and for a mark, there was still really something to buy. Retromania , nostalgia or simply escape from the world could be called that. For what we perceive in retrospect as positive and enriching, has nothing to do with the actual past. But the Retromanie has a whole range of benefits and even helps us better endure our own present ...

Retromy: What is meant by that?
Retromy: What is meant by that?Retromania, nostalgia and longing - these words are closely related and difficult to separate from one another through a common-language definition .

In social psychology, however, it is agreed that retro-romance and nostalgia go one step further than conventional longing. Anyone with nostalgic thoughts of his past, who is emotionally moved at this moment and has a vivid, sometimes even intense longing.

How do memories come about?
How memories actually arise, is still being explored. It is indisputable that we create our own…

Becoming an executive: THE manager ABC

What makes a good manager? How to become a better boss? What are his key leadership tools and principles? There are many answers to these questions, some of them contradictory. Nevertheless, it can be a kind of essence to win - rule, experience, pattern, in short: a guide on how to become the ideal leader . The most important tips we have compiled here in a detailed list - an ABC for managers and executives who want to do better than all the others, the employees groan so often ...

Boss or manager? The 9 essential differences
Before we begin with the experiences and recommendations on how to become a better boss, let's briefly make a distinction: boss and leader - the two terms are often used interchangeably. Can you also, wrong is not.

And yet, there are substantial differences between a manager who is simply boss (qua office and hierarchy) - and a real leader who deserves that name.

That may seem a bit subtle. Behind this is ultimately a fundamentally different self-image . And fina…